You’re getting married! Congratulations! You want all the parts of your relationship that made you want to do this wedding thing in the first place - the spontaneity, fun, intimacy, love, compassion - to shine while you celebrate your commitment, your passion, your joy! More than anything, you want to look back and relive the way the day made you feel!

Your wedding is about so much more than the bouquets (although beautiful!) and cake (although delicious, and I definitely want a piece!) - it’s about basking in the glow of the day, taking in the quiet moments, honoring what brought you together in the first place and what continues to fuel your love fire each and every day.

I believe in wedding photos and films that feel true to who you are and the story you share. I’m not about posing your way to perfection or framing your story in only the best light. I’m here to celebrate the non-traditional, document authentically, and highlight vibrantly. I’m ready to share the beautifully stressful crazy cool weirdness that is your wedding day.
Let’s do different, together.

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“You took the most beautiful video of both our wedding celebrations and provided our highlight reels to us in record time. We're absolutely thrilled with what you captured for us, and will be watching these videos and sharing them with friends for many years to come.”

“You had us sobbing and laughing. It’s what every wedding video should make you do. I don’t know how you captured every amazing moment. We are so in awe of you. With our videos we are able to view our wedding’s soul.”

“This is unbelievable. I am in tears all over again reliving these memories! You've captured our day so perfectly. I cannot wait to share this for many years to come. Thank you, a million times for giving us this gift. You were amazing to work with and we are forever grateful.”