I do different.
Rachel Epperly Media


No matter what your day looks like or how you choose to celebrate your story, I’m ready to capture it authentically and vibrantly - in a way that’s true to you.

I’m Rachel, the filmmaker and photographer behind Rachel Epperly Media. I’m a firm believer that pasta is always a good idea. You can usually find me at a flea market, snuggled on the couch playing video games, in the passenger seat DJing my way through roadtrips across the country, or within a stone’s throw of a body of water (I’ve been known to dive in even during the chilliest of winters.)

I love a good story, and I’m not afraid to get a little weird to tell one. I’m a fan of couples who choose their way over tradition. I’m a lover of intimate celebrations, non-traditional spaces, and throwing convention out the window! An at home exchange of vows followed by a pub crawl through the streets? I’m there! Everyone getting ready together before piling into a limo on the way to a rooftop ceremony? Save me a seat! A last minute elopement on the coast with your two puppies in tow? I’m there and ready for all the slobbery dog kisses.

Rachel Epperly Media is queer owned and operated and welcomes couples of all genders and orientations.


Frequently Asked Questions


why should we choose you?

I’m so delighted you’ve made it to my website, checked out my work, and gotten this far. When you’re in the process of selecting your wedding photographer/videographer, it’s easy to focus in on packages and portfolios and allow those to dominant the decision making process. One thing you can’t get a feel for from Instagram feeds and pricing guides, is what it will feel like to work with someone for the duration of your day. Often times on the wedding day, even the best planned schedules go awry, emotions are heightened, and capacities for patience are tested. One thing I feel very strongly about is making sure that all of my clients feel a sense of calm and ease from me - no matter what else is happening that day. Timelines are great and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good schedule, but I’d rather prioritize your well being and ability to enjoy the day over constantly checking the time and pushing you from place to place. One piece of feedback that I’ve received from every one of my past couples (yes really!) is that I was an extremely calming presence and source of confidence throughout the whole day. So not only do I deliver a quality product, even more importantly your experience will be extremely positive, easy, and relaxing.  


How would you describe your style? 

Elegance with an edge. I love a clean, sharp image with a creative twist. I’m a fan of unconventional angles, creative composition, and vibrant coloring. When it comes to shooting, I have lovingly been referred to as “the sweetest camera creeper,” due to my affinity for quietly blending into the flow of the day in order to authentically document the action. My work is heavily photo-journalistic with a splash of creative classic portraiture. 


Where are you based? 

I’m currently based in both Midcoast Maine and Portland, Oregon. I frequently travel between the two coasts, and love exploring everywhere in between. 


Do you travel? Is there an extra fee? 

I frequently travel, and am a strong believer in prioritizing a photographer and/or videographer who you connect with versus whoever happens to be nearby. All of my package prices include travel for the contiguous United States. Getting married in Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally? Get in touch for a custom quote


How far in advance should we book?

Most couples book me 12-18 months prior to their wedding, although as long as I have your date available and can make travel work, I’ll take bookings up to 48 hours prior to your wedding. Weddings booked within 30 days of the date will require payment in full at time of booking.


Do you shoot with additional photographers/videographers?

When you book me for photography only or videography only, 95% of the time I work as a solo shooter. I pride myself on my ability to somehow be in multiple places at once and document a comprehensive look at your wedding day. Second shooters are also an option to add on to packages, and we can figure out if they’re a good fit for your day. I generally recommend this option for weddings with multiple locations or guest counts larger than 150. 

If you book me for a combination package (my favorite!), you will automatically have one of my handpicked second shooters included. Throughout the day I shoot both photography and videography concurrently, but love to have a second photographer/videographer to add coverage to your final gallery and films. Depending on your wedding’s location(s) and guest count, it may make sense to have a third shooter for a portion of the day. We’ll discuss this before booking to find the best fit for your day. 

Will you (Rachel) be our photographer/videographer on the wedding day?

Yes! I’m the photographer/videographer at every wedding. Sometimes I’ll be working alongside one of my handpicked second shooters, best rest assured that when you book me, you’re getting me! 

Do you (Rachel) edit our images/films?

Yes! Each image and frame are lovingly hand edited by me. 


when will we get our final images and/or films?

Within 48 hours of your wedding you’ll receive your teaser - whether that’s a photo gallery, video, or both. Your final products will be delivered within 8 weeks of your wedding date.

Can you walk us through the booking process? 

I like to keep everything as simple and transparent as possible:

  1. After you submit an inquiry, I’ll respond within 24 hours to let you know how excited I am to have your date available! (On the off chance that your date is unavailable, I’ll make sure to connect you with some fantastic photographers/videographers who have my stamp of approval.)

  2. I get to know you and your partner a little more. This is also when I answer any and all of your questions. I love jumping on a quick phone call or video chat to make this happen, but as an extroverted introvert I also completely understand wanting to take care of as much of this process online as possible. If you’d prefer, we can handle everything from your initial inquiry to finalizing your booking, through email! 

  3. You select your package and I send over my contract and payment portal for the $1,000 retainer. You read it over, sign it, submit payment, and you’re done!

  4. I do a little dance. You do a little dance. We all dance, because you’re booked, and wow wasn’t that easy?!