Pre-Elopement Questionnaire

Your wedding day is almost here! Yay!! I can’t wait to be a part of your day! These questions make sure I’m able to capture your day as smoothly and easily as possible. Thanks for taking the time to fill it out.

Partner One Name *
Partner One Name
Partner Two Name *
Partner Two Name
Elopement Date *
Elopement Date
This is crucial to making sure I can capture your day! If you'd like me to help plan out your timeline to maximize your photo time, let me know and we can jump on Skype or a phone call and work it out together! :)
Getting Ready
Getting Ready Start Time *
Getting Ready Start Time
Please describe in as much detail as possilbe.
Please describe in as much detail as possible.
Will you be doing a first look? *
I highly recommend a First-Look for all Fall/Winter Weddings in order to maximize your photo/video time in the daylight.
Ceremony Time *
Ceremony Time
Traditional, non-denominational, catholic mass, casual, special performances, nontraditional ceremony orders, butterfly release, etc.
Photo Details
Are there any shots you'd specifically like me to get that I might not already think to? I work best without a shot list so that I can capture creatively as the day unfolds, but if there's anything you'd be sad if it was missed, please list those ideas here.
Within 48 hours of your wedding, I'll post a blog post with previews (photos, video, or both depending on your package) from your day! The more information that you can provide, the more information I can include in your special blog highlight. Not all vendors will be applicable to your wedding, so just fill in what you can!
List their name and what they are contributing to your day!